Braking and Suspension Systems

Engine, Air, and Hydraulic Brakes; Rotors, Axles, and Springs Repaired

While it’s important to have “get up and go,” it’s critically important to be able to stop. When problems arise related to the braking system and axles, do not delay having these critical components repaired.

We do all types of repairs and replacements on braking and suspension systems. Schott’s can replace your drum, disc, air, or hydraulic brakes and all related systems. We can repair and replace worn, uneven, or damaged rotors, axles, leaf springs, and tie rods. We also service shock absorbers and air bags.

If you notice any clicking, grinding, knocking, or other unusual sound coming from under the hood or under the chassis, give us a call and let us have a look at your vehicle or heavy equipment.

Important to Have Undercarriage Inspected

The sooner we catch the issue, the easier the repair will be. If we catch certain issues early enough, a repair may be possible (instead of a costlier replacement).

We recommend that you have your undercarriage inspected regularly, particularly in the spring. The newer, more caustic deicing agents that have been in use on the highways recently are capable of wreaking extreme havoc on your critical brake and suspension system components. Let us have a look at it for you.

Schott's Repair Service services drum, air, disc, and hydraulic brakes in Whipple, OH. Schott's Repair Service repairs and replaces brakes in Whipple, OH.